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Forums: Wildlife Management: Worming Deer?

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But do all steaks taste the same to you?  Do all soft drinks taste the same to you?  How about bubblegum, are they all the same?  Of course not.  They are all the same TYPE of food but not the exact same in texture, quality, ingredients, digestibility, absorption rate, etc and therefore their tastes are slightly and obviously different.
LE Feeds has spent years and piles of money formulating their feed.  They are not just interested if deer will eat it.  They offer what the deer NEEDS and the deer feed on it earnestly and readily because the feed is offering what they NEED and REQUIRE.  No apple scented corn or molasses clumps here, those are ATTRACTANTS and not based on nutritional needs or requirements of the animal.  Attractants, for the most part, are candy to deer and not nutrition.  LE Feeds offer nutrition to the deer and the deer know and understand what they are putting into their mouths and stomachs.


Macy, this may be only partially applicable to this thread, but I'll throw it in anyway. L&E is the third pellet to be introduced to our deer. fter an initial readjustment period, the feed started flowing. I have to assume that L&E feed seems to be much more palitable than the others we tried. The deer flat hammer the stuff. I just can't help but think that they like it better.
Tastes the same to me.

"Beware the Prophet seeking profit", Dennis Miller on Algore
1) fiber/texture to aid in digestion and stomach micro-organism health and production  2) corn is candy to deer like chocolate is to you and me.  You eat it, fill up fast, lose your appetite, don't eat a healthy meal and then your body suffers.  Corn has 7-8% crude protein and high in carbohydrates and starches---just like candy to you and I.  If a deer eats alot of corn, he isn't consuming valuable nutrients from browse/feed.  What happens when you offer a kid candy?  They eat it until they get sick and stop eating.  You are not doing their bodies any good.  What happens when you offer  a deer corn?  They eat every bit of it, fill upand don't eat anything good or healthy.  You are not doing their bodies any good.

Lyssy and Eckel is the most researched deer feeding company out there and there is no close second.  Lyssy and Eckels consistantly grows the largest deer in both pens and wild deer year in and year out. 

I recommend them to all my clients and of those that feed them, all are happy and producing some great big deer, even in the drier times.  It is not a magical fix, but it is the best thing going.


While I was thinking about it.  While talking to Ronnie we also went over the Lysse & Eckel feed.  He made the comment that it did not contain much corn and that it contained a lot more browse.  He is going to send me some info but I though you may be able to clarify. 

1)  What did he mean by browse
2)  He stated corn inhibits digestion of browse so you should try not to add corn to your feed
3)  He said Lysse & Eckel produced all except for about 2-3 penned bucks over 300 b&c

If you have any other comments on the L&E feed it would help. 

Talking to Ronnie helped a lot.  He said for 75 deer you needed to feed 200 lbs a day for 3 days for a total of 600lbs.  The feed costs about 14.50 for a 50lb bag.  I did not think that was too expensive considering if you buy protien in a bag it can run anywhere from $9  to $11.50 per bag.  I guess I will be heading in to George West on Saturday to pick it up.  Also he did mention to go ahead and get all your hunting out of the way before you put it out.  He did seem to think you should not eat the meat while they are on the meds.  He said it was out of thier system in about a week though.

Yes, the protein content doesn't change at all.   Just the medication is added to the pellet and this drives the cost up. 
The medication is effective based on body weight and consumption of the individual animal.  So, a buck that normally eats two pounds of protein will have to ingest much more of the medication to kill the parasites on and in his 200 lb body while a fawn only needs to eat the regular half to three quarters of a pound to do the same job.  You can't overmedicate a deer on wormer under normal field conditions.


Thanks Macy. 

Do these medicated feeds still carry a 16-20% protein like my antlermax? 

How many pounds per head are recomended?

Let the Outbacks run either all the way dry or just almost dry, as well as the spin feeders.  Once all feeders are basically dry, then fill the three Outbacks full to the top with the medicated feed.  Instead of filling the spin type feeders, use the trough to offer the feed as you outlined.  Continue to feed the troughs until the Outbacks run bone dry.  This will ensure that all the deer (or most anyway) will have equal access to the feeders. 
You can't really overmedicate the deer with the Safe Guard wormer but you can certainly under medicate them by not giving them enough. 

By running a full cycle of medicated protein pellets through the feeders all at once, you are getting maximum coverage to your deer herd.  Waiting until the feeders are almost empty is done so because you don't want to introduce the medicated feed mixed with the unmedicated feed as this will dilute it and make the consumption rates less than needed in order to get the job done.  Same thing as the medicated feed is running low in the feeders.  Let it run all the way out before adding the next batch of unmedicated feed.

One cycle of this medicated feed is all that is needed at this time of year.  After this batch is gone, switch back to the regular unmedicated and you will be in great shape. 

And Safe Guard wormer does not have a pass-through or lingering effect.  This is one of the few wormers that is safe to eat the animal while it is being treated.  Most others have a 30 post-consumption warning.


How would you feed it Macy? 

We have three outback free choices pretty evenly spread out on 479 high fenced acres as well as two timed feeders that feed 6am every morning...these two feeders are in the voids where we feel like we may have.  I was thinking about not putting it in the feeders but instead using the following method:

1) trough next to the free choice stations
2) Five lbs per feeder per day mixed with a little corn to increase intake(5lbs is a made up number) X number of days to meet the lbs per deer criteria


Thanks for the help.  Ronnie set me up with some info and I think I will be able to pick up the medicated feed in George West.

Call Lyssy and Eckel Feeds at 830-484-3314 and talk to either Ronnie or Gerald Eckel, owners of the company.  Ask them about the Safe-Guard wormer and they will take good care of you.


I am still having trouble contacting someone who knows where to get the medicated protien pellets.  I checked witht the local feed stores as well as my protien supplier and they did not know what I was talking about.  Does Lysse & Eckel sell the pellets or does anyone have some info on who to contact to get the medicated protien pellets.

Worming deer, primarily, kills internal and external parasites (flukes, ticks, fleas, lice, stomach worms, intestinal worms, etc) and just about anything that sucks moisture, blood, and nutrients from your deer's body.  This can create alot of physical stress on an animal that is pregnant, growing antlers, fighting the hot summer heat and just trying to make a living.  If the body is stressed, for whatever reason, the "external" things such as growing a fetus inside or antlers outside, will suffer first and foremost.  If a pregnant female is too stressed, she can and will reabsorb the fetus(es) in order to save her own life.  If a buck is physically stressed, the nutrients and minerals that should be headed into antler growth will be redirected into physical growth (muscular, long bone growth, etc) and his rack will suffer from such.  So, when providing wormer to your deer, under the proper guidelines we have discussed, you are removing much of the parasite load stresses that "normal" deer may undergo, therefore allowing the animals' body to stay strong and healthy and productive.  Same with cattle too.  Stomach worms eat the digested material the animals eat.  The food goes to the worm and not the animal's body, this results in less efficiency when eating, they must feed longer, eat more total biomass and when deer are on their feet feeding, they become more suseptible to predators (not to mention added stress on habitat and food resources).  When properly wormed, they will eat less total biomass, do better with what they do eat, spend less time exposed to predators and create healthier bodies while doing it. 
Worm/parasite life cycles peak two times a year.  Once in early spring just as spring green up occurs (soil temperatures warm up enough to stimulate the eggs and larvae) and then again in the late summer to early fall (some parasites are warm season critters and others are cold season crtitters).  So, worming your deer two times per year is ideal. However, most folks worm once a year, just before spring green up as the more destructive and aggressive parasites occur in the warmer weather. 
The wormer medication is usually added into the protein pellet to maximize delivery to the target animal.  By ordering "medicated feed" when talking to the feed dealer, they will know what you are talking about.  Feed is a great medium to delivery medicine to animals if you can control the critiera we have discussed.  Most medications, just like in humans, is based on body weight and consumption rates.

You are asking some GREAT questions and I appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm.  Thanks for the positive feedback, we appreciate your time and energies and help us spread the good word.


-- 1/26/2009 12:58:11 PM: post edited by macy.

It sounds as if we meet the above criteria you have listed.  We have 11 bulk feeders scattered across 14 bulk feeders scattered across 1500 acres and we feed protien year round.  We also keep the deer numbers down.  When do you put the feed out, what time of year.  What would be the recommended dosage and what product would you use.  Also where do you get the feed.  I have heard thier is a protien feed you can buy but have not seen it.  I have also been told you can use worming medicine made for pigs and goats.  Is this a wise idea.  Finally is the main objective of worming to boost the fawn crop or will it also add inches to your bucks.

Thanks for all the info.  I have picked up more good ideas in the past two weeks reading the posts on here than i have in the last 10 years.

Worming deer is only a good use of your time, energy and money WHEN:
*  you have control of your deer herd (high fenced).
*  you have good records and history to indicate HOW MANY deer you have.
*   you have a good feed delivery system on the ranch---plenty of protein feeders scattered throughout the property and not just one or two here and there.
*  you are wanting to create a high fawn survival rate.

So, if you don't meet ALL the above requirements, worming your deer is a complete waste of your resources.  The wormer works, just like in cattle, on a per pound basis.  So, you need to know how many deer you have-- bucks, does, and fawns.  You need to have plenty of feeders scattered out so that ALL the deer have access to the feed.  You need to know how many deer you have so you know how much medicated feed to order and how long to leave it out for the deer.  If you already have problems harvesting your deer numbers, worming will add many more fawns and thus complicate the issue even more, so make sure you are able to harvest the excess deer that will result from this practice.  

Is worming your deer a good idea for everyone?  No.  Is it a good idea for those that meet the above critieria?  Yes.


-- 1/26/2009 10:35:03 AM: post edited by macy.

I have herd of other ranches worming their deer in an effort to increase the amount of nutrition they recieve each year.  I know it is done in cattle but I have not seen and products out their for deer.  Is this a wise thing to do or are you wasting time and money.  I have been told February is the time to do it.  Does anyone have a comment.

Forums: Wildlife Management: Worming Deer?

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